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Our experienced design staff will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional hair salon . Our lakeside location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Check out our complete service menu below to get a feel for what we do. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Make Up

Get made over for a night out on the town or learn how to apply your own make up. 

Make up Application

Get ready for a party or night out on the town with this professional make up application. 

Airbrush Make up Application

Light weight flawless photographic finish to your skin. Lasts 18 hrs!

Make Up Lesson

Learn how to apply your make up to compliment your face shape or correct any imperfections you may have. We will also teach you how to care for your skin, since skin care is were perfection starts
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Service Policy

To ensure prompt service appointments are always desirable but walk-ins are gladly accepted. If you need to cancel an appointment we appreciate at least 24 hours notice.